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She was born in the Philippines and started a career in music for more than a decade since moving to Finland in 2006. She performed with several well-known musicians including Piirpauke, Sakari Kukko, Samuli Mikkonen, Ismaila Sane, and Humbalax in different countries and cities in Finland. In addition to writing English lyrics for Finnish songs, she recorded songs for albums including Soi Kiitos (2009), Paratiisi (2011), Ilo (2012) JouLumo (2017), and Hali (2019) in Finland.

Despite her undeniable passion for music, she wanted to pursue a stable career outside the music industry. She landed a job as a Freelance Online SEO Article Rewriter for a year which is regarded as her first year in the digital marketing industry but unfortunately did not last long due to the company’s decision to close its business.

By 2015, she began exploring other interests which eventually convinced her to submit applications to several Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland for a Bachelor’s Degree. Six entrance examinations later, fate led her to the path of her calling. She got accepted to study at Metropolia Business School of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Degree Program in International Business and Logistics with specialization studies in Marketing. Furthermore, she took the opportunity to enroll in career diploma programs specializing in Freelance Writing, Web Page Design, Hotel and Restaurant Management, and Graphic Design to acquire more skills from a university and career school in the United States. Despite juggling both marketing internship at a Finnish hospitality company (with 4 brand hotels and 3 restaurants) she managed to graduate earlier than the expected graduation date due to her motivation to complete her courses in advance.

Before her graduation, she was already offered a job at the same company where she had the internship and began her journey in the hospitality industry in the field of Marketing as a Marketing Assistant developing her skills in digital marketing, graphic design, content writing, and web page design. In 2020, she was offered a job as a Marketing Assistant in a company in Finland operating in the field of quantum technology. She earned her Master’s Degree in International Business Management at one of the universities of applied sciences in Finland by 2021. She was then promoted to Digital Marketing Coordinator in 2022.

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