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My name is Sheila Surban. I have been a singer since I was only 7 years old and started singing professionally since I was only 18 years old. I was raised in a family where education is really important. My siblings graduated with the Bachelor's degrees to their names. I would say that I was different from them. I wanted to pursue my dream to become a successful singer. In spite of the struggle of becoming a musician, my father has always been supportive of me. However, I knew in my heart that his dream is to see all his children graduated with Bachelor's Degrees as he strongly believes that education is forever and will be never be taken away from you. I love my father with all my heart and he has been supportive of my career choice despite of wanting something else for me. I was at that point of my life that I felt grateful for having such a great dad and I wanted to do something for him. He has all the things he needed but there is one dream that didn't come true. 
I decided to pursue a Bachelor's degree to make my father's dream come true. I did not know how this new life will direct me but I wanted to do it because I want my father to be happy the same way he made me feel when he gave his full support for my career choice. I applied to 6 degree programmes from different universities of applied sciences in Finland that I found interesting. Through hard work and dedication, I was lucky enough to get accepted to be one of the students in one of the best business schools here in Finland.

From that moment I realised that I can expand my horizons by gaining new skills other than focusing on music alone. Becoming a business student was one of the best decisions I have ever done in my life as I learned to work with other people in a multicultural environment. I experienced to work on projects in both in teams and individually. I had the opportunity to learn about Marketing, Human Resource Management, Trade and Business Law, Economics, Corporate Finance, Accounting, Supply Chain Management & IT. Aside from pursuing a BBA degree with specialisation studies in Marketing, I studied graphic design, freelance writing, web page design and hotel & restaurant management in an effort to expand my skills and knowledge in any type of industry. Some people might perceive it as a person without a focus on one certain thing because I am taking a lot of different courses but I don't perceive it that way. I do in fact have a focus which is providing a company with an employee that has the ability to learn new things, provide 100% high-quality performance and is able to multitask at the same time with attention to detail. The reason why I am trying to expand my skills beforehand is because I want my future employer to avoid spending anything to train me for new skills. I just want to be able to offer these new skills I have learned right before they consider hiring me.
In June 2018, I finally graduated and earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.  I thank my father for leading me to this new career option which I did know that existed. I thank God for the blessings and for the strength He gave me to carry on whenever there are bumps in the road.

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