Sheila Surban is currently associated with Humbalax band. She sang 5 songs in Humbalax's Paratiisi album which includes Tuomi-Baobab, Aamulla Varhain, Cannot Forget You (En voi sua unhoittaa), Karjalan Kunnailla & Käen Kukkuessa. The Humbalax band consists of members from 3 continents such as Asia, Europe and Africa. The album was released on November 23 under Rockadillo Records.

Soi Kiitos

Sheila Surban's first recorded album participation with one of Sakari Kukko's album. It is a gospel album in which she sang My Kantele, Siipirikkolintu, Ah Johto Herran on Parhain, As the Deer, Yahweh You are Near and God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen. The album was well-received by the album critics around Finland. The album was released on June 2, 2009 under Rockadillo Records.

Other Tracks

Additionally, Sheila Surban recorded some tracks for other bands' albums including Piirpauke.